Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pocket Prayer Pouch Template

Print out the pouch template and adhere to cardstock or medium weight cardboard.
 I do this with Heat N' Bond or Wonder Under, following the product instructions.
Attaching the template to cardboard  makes it easier to trace around onto chosen fabric. 

As for the fabric, choose from your scrap stash or purchase some new. What ever you decide bond onto the back of the fabric with brown craft paper. This strengthens the fabric and gives it some stiffness. Perfect for this project.

After tracing your pouches, cut them out, I say pouches because you can't just make one, you'll want to give one to everyone you know. 

You don't have to score the fold lines it pretty much folds it'self. 
 First fold inward the left and right flaps, then bring the bottom flap up to cover the first  two flaps to form an envelope. 
Glue the flaps, let the glue dry before you insert the folded prayer.

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