Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Decoupage Medium

I use so much of this stuff it got to the point of being costly so, I decided to make my own.
White Glue
Clear Wall Paper Paste
Clear Acrylic Floor Care Finish
Kitchen Whisk
Heavy Duty Wooden Spoon
First thing, place desired amount of wall paper paste in a large bowl. The paste is sort of lumpy so you will have to whisk it till it’s smooth.  When that is done, pour in the white glue, (double the amount of the wall paper paste). At this point you can continue to use the whisk or change to a heavy duty wooden spoon, mix well. Now, pour in the acrylic floor finish, stir till well blended. This whole mixture should resemble the consistence of the white glue when done. This stuff lasts a long time, no shelf life expectancy.
NOTE: I use a lot of this mixture in my work, so I buy the gallon size pail of wall paper paste, the gallon jug of white glue, and the largest bottle of floor acrylic. I also get a large bucket with a lid and make as much as the bucket will hold. Depending on the project I either work from the bucket or pour some into a small jar or bowl.


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