Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Money Keeper

The Money Keeper

When I was of dating age Mom always told my sisters and I to have what she called "Mad Money" in our purse, incase the date went wrong we could get ourself home.

Well this is my updated version of that idea with a little style.

Use the instructions from http://pm-betweenthelines.blogspot.com/2011/03/simple-drawstring-coin-purse-tutorial.html to make your Money Keeper.

The website used suade but, other fabrics can be used for this project.

I fused faux suade to cotton fabric with fusing web to make a more durable pouch.

Cut both fabrics slightly larger than you need, place your heavier fabric onto the ironing board wrong side up, then place on top of that your fusable webbing, then finish with the last piece of fabric, right side up. Follow webbing directions for ironing, use a pressing cloth if needed.

Use an old cd to make the circle, it's the right size. First make a paper copy, follow the directions at the site for adding the lacing holes placement. 

Optional step, make a copy of this pattern onto cardboard for a more durable pattern if you want to make more of them later.

Trace around the pattern onto the inside surface of your fabric choice, don't forget to mark for the lace holes, cut it out and punch holes.

I used ribbon as the lace to match my fabric.

Copy and paste the tag and make as many as you need.

"Money Keeper"
Put a couple of bucks inside
Place at bottom of purse
Then forget it, till you need it

Place your Money Keeper into a small gift bag or box along with the tag.

It's a great stocking stuffer.


Here is one that I made for gifts.

The outer fabric is brown faux suede with  tan flowers heat embosed onto the surface.
The inside is red cotton fused with thermal webbing. Once this is done the fabric will not ravel at the edges plus you've already added the lining. Very neat.
Hint:  For non suede fabrics, fuse your fabric before you cut out the Money Keeper. 

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