Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bracelet Cup Package
I'm always looking for a new way to show off the jewelry I make with buy appeal, this is my latest idea. It shows off the colors of the jewelry and makes passers by say " oooh, what is that"?
This is the bracelet I will package today.
The above photo shows a medium size condiment cup with a lid, it's about 2 1/2" diamitor. Punch two holes in the lid indicated by the black dots .

Cut a length of ribbon or cord 9" long, thread it through the two holes and tie a bow to the outside of the lid. Set aside.
Take a small amount of cellophane, about 2" wide and 15" long and crumple it into a wad and place it inside the cup. This keeps the jewelry still and will make it looks as though it's floating.
Now place your jewelry/bracelet on top of the cellophane, than put the lid with the bow onto the cup. It's real pretty, give it a try.

You can even put this inside a small box if you want to gift wrap this package.


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